MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "I am empowered to effect a change in my life and health more than I realized." "Growing old gracefully is not something that just happens by chance. It requires the daily effort of making more mindful decisions with a balanced dose of self-care. These things are often neglected during a time in a women's life when so much is changing and everything can seem out of her control. This program has empowered me to get control of my life in a way I never thought possible. The positive changes I have and am continuing to make have helped me to regain a sense of completeness. I am once again feeling comfortable in my own skin and experiencing added joy from greater well-being. I have really appreciated the importance of learning the impact a positive mindset has on our overall well-being. I've lost 12 lbs. I really enjoyed my one-on-one discussions of frank and open "girl-talk". I just wish I had taken this journey with you sooner.

Thank you for everything."

— P.C.

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "This stage of life is something to rejoice over and not be afraid of trying new things." Coaching with Dana helped me to view my current stage in life as something to rejoice over and not to be afraid to try new things. Her suggestions on proper food combinations, supplements, and relaxation took this experience to another level.

Thanks, Dana.

— A.M.

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "I realized that with a few small tweaks in what I ate my body responded very quickly. And I began to see changes in those stubborn areas I thought were just a lost cause."

"My time with Dana in the Rose Gold program was absolutely eye-opening! She is a wealth of information, so comforting and easy to talk to. She has helped me not only improve my eating habits in a way that benefits my body now, in this new phase of life but she has also started me on the road to becoming comfortable in my own skin. She has taught me to take care of my WHOLE self, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I'm so happy that I invested in myself in this way!!!"

— K.B.

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "I was capable of recreating my life but into something better."

"Words can not express how much I appreciate coaching sessions with Dana. Before going through private coaching, I was experiencing major mood swings and I was lashing out at the ones I love as if I were on an emotional rollercoaster. After our sessions, I felt that there was light at the end of the tunnel and felt hopeful that I could find my old self again. I received "Action" Assignments after each session that allowed me to work towards my goal of finding the "old me", even better. I worked hard to accomplish my goals. My husband saw a dramatic change in my personality where I was happier than I had been in years. I would recommend anyone experiencing mood swings because of perimenopause or menopause to work with Dana. She was very understanding, listened intently, and was not judgemental. She made me feel at ease as I was explaining how I felt.

Thank you Dana for helping me get my life back and for being a happier person."

— S.C.

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "I don’t feel hopelessly locked in my body without any control of what’s happening."

"Thank you for helping me get back into control of my body. I no longer feel like I’m being held hostage on the menopause train! My stress level decreased tremendously. I lost weight. I gained so much knowledge on how to manage my total health during menopause. I love your positive, energetic, and knowledgeable advice on how I can enjoy this "Second Spring". I learned so many gems.

Keep doing what you do!"

— Y.S.

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "My biggest issues were the moods, brain fog, and feeling crazy. I didn't realize cleaning up my diet would help my brain."

"Dana successfully helped me reach my goal of managing my menopause and taking control of my life again! Taking it very slowly, I was still able to find relief in the first three weeks and completed the entire program two weeks earlier. That is such a huge accomplishment, as prior to working with Dana I was spiraling out of control with suffering from all of the effects of menopause and hormonal imbalances, even to the point of thinking about committing myself because of feeling like I was having a mental breakdown. Dana helped me to completely turn this around!

She has equipped me with all the tools I need to sustain and live a healthy, productive life."

— Lenora

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "Although I am not in menopause yet, I've had questions about it since I was 19. Lots of questions. Dana is helping me understand how my body works, responding to signals of hormonal imbalance appropriately, and that caring for myself should be part of my daily routine. I wanted to know what to look for in myself, what works for me, and be able to help other women in my family.

Dana is patient and I am slowly making changes and becoming more aware of what makes me feel good."

— Cortney

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "I have been set free from guilt, have more body positivity, and have a deeper understanding of my body and bloodwork."

"When I started the program, I was broken and very disappointed in myself for letting my health decline. Dana helped me to appreciate my body no matter what stage I was in, she also showed me how to mentally align and shine my thoughts and my body in one accord. I now understand my body, have a deeper understanding of my bloodwork, and we were able to pinpoint and focus on the real issues. I am very aware now of how to eat properly and mentally set myself free of any guilt dealing with body positivity.

I am eternally grateful for this program and would recommend Align + Shine to any woman that is needing to understand her body inside and out."

— Sheena

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "I am sleeping better and have more energy"

"I am able to focus better. Also, it is not quite as difficult for me to remember things, my brain seems less cluttered. I try to remember to take deep breaths when I am under stress and in general to sustain a sense of peace and calm during stressful situations. I am learning to cook, shop and enjoy food in a new way. My acid reflux has gone away, body aches and pains have reduced significantly. I also have less sinus congestion. Emotionally, even though I have much more work to do, I feel as though I have begun my journey of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-care.

Oh, and I've gotten rid of about 15 pounds so far."

— Renee Carter Woods

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "My aches and pains are virtually gone. I am sleeping now and stressing less. I am not bloated anymore."

"I am so glad I invested in the Menopause Mastery Program. Before joining, I didn't know much about perimenopause or menopause. Now, I feel like I am ready for the next phase. I have learned new techniques and have the resources I need to be successful in my own health and in speaking to my doctor. The meal plans are delicious and the whole family enjoys them.

I'm happy to say that I have also 11 pounds on the program."

— Eudelia Torres

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "The Menopause Mastery course has given me the tools to understand the "why" and "how" to face the challenges of midlife."

"It has been a health reset for me. As a fitness enthusiast, I wondered why my energy was depleted, confusion was at an all-time high, and coupled with no sleep! I had an inclination that the problem was getting older and hormonal changes so I turned here for help. The education the course has provided has given me a better" relationship with food, my body, a balanced view of aging, an understanding of my hormones, and a broader selection of healthy food choices. I have increased my energy which allows for better workouts, better sleep, and clearer thoughts."

Having a clear direction and the right tools makes this journey a lot easier! Thank you!

— Karen M.

Soon after the hysterectomy, even though I still had my ovaries, I started experiencing perimenopause symptoms.

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH - "Menopause Mastery helped me change my eating habits which also improved my mood. Even my husband noticed the positive changes. I've always enjoyed self care and now its part of my regular routine."

I highly recommend the Menopause Mastery class!

I learned so much about the hormones, and how to take care better care of myself in this part of my life.

— LaShea

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