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The Help You Need To Shine!

Each program includes 90-minute, weekly coaching calls, or as I call them, "Sparkle" Sessions", along with hormone balancing, dietary support, stress management, and more to help you feel your best! Find out how to "get your shine on" below.


The 8-Week Menopause Mastery Group Coaching Program is where you will learn how to have the best health in midlife using my four pillars: Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management, and Movement.  We take a deep dive into natural ways to greatly reduce or completely eliminate unpleasant symptoms, and how to become your own health advocate. We touch on some mindset work designed to transform your thoughts about aging and your body. Be enlightened and empowered! Program Fee: $1,097


The 90- Day Program includes all the features of the small-group program but with premium mindset transformation and a more personal touch. If you want individual attention to reach specific personal goals in an exclusive, virtual setting, this program is for you! Fully embrace what's possible and shine from the inside out!  Program Fee: $2,697


Need one session or only a few? I can custom create a program just for you!
Program Fee: Book a Free Menopause Discovery Session to discuss your needs.

Are you ready to take bold action to prioritize your health? Then, let's do this!

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